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About Camp Wild Heart at Thrive.

Our mission is to provide a fully Self-Directed Summer and School Break Day camp experience. Where campers can learn through the freedom to choose exciting, hands-on, academic and enrichment opportunities presented daily, all led by kind, respectful adults who are excited to share their skills.

Science, Art, Animals, Nature, Creativity and Good Old Fashioned Fun and Play.


They work hard all school year. Give them a break of fun and freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a day at Camp Wild Heart look like?

9:30 to 10:30am   Campers begin to arrive & choose their morning invitation/free choice time

                             *Free Choice Time= Campers choose between the Create room, Play room, and playground

10:30                    All campers have arrived/ Gates closed/ no more campers accepted for the day

10:45 to 11          Morning Meeting, Snack & Camp expectations

11 to 12pm.         Camp Instructor-led activities/ Campers participate in their choice of a fun, hands-on activity ranging from                                science projects to art to group games.

12:00-12:15          Lunch with your activity group

12:30 to 2:15        Free Choice Time/ Water Play / Choices of outside space and Play room

2:20-2:30              Afternoon community circle & check in

2:30 to 3:30         Afternoon invitations, Campers participate in their choice of a fun, hands-on activity ranging from science                                projects to art to group games.

3:30                     Earliest pick up time for some campers/ Gates open

3:30 to 4:30        Free Choice Time= Campers choose between the Create room, Play room, and playground

4:30pm                Latest pick up time/ all campers picked up

What does "Self-Directed" mean?

Self-Directed means that campers get to choose their activities, goals and projects for the day/week/summer. This freedom is offered free from adult judgement or coercion. As all freedom comes with responsibility, participants are held accountable for being respectful to others and the environment.

What makes Camp Wild Heart the right choice for my child?

If your child thrives in an environment where children are trusted and allowed to make their own choices. If you want to give your child a break of fun and freedom. If you want your child to gain creative thinking and social skills. Camp Wild Heart is the place for you.

What might make Camp Wild Heart NOT the right choice for my child?

If your child prefers an adult directed day and has a hard time when given freedom to choose their own activities. If your child has a hard time being respectful and kind to others and the environment. Campers who display behaviors that are destructive, rude or unkind will be asked to discontinue attending.

How is Camp Wild Heart different from other summer day camp options?

Camp Wild Heart is a fully Self-Directed camp that also offers full flexibility in days of attendance. Students get to choose their activities daily and families get to choose which days to attend. Daily options are presented ranging from art and science activities to water play to park and nature walks. Students may choose from the options, some of which are adult-led, or choose a day of free play and creating. STEAM *Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math* activities are presented daily in a style that is hands on, engaging and fun. Your camper is sure to gain new knowledge and skills in a way that will leave them wanting to come back for more.


Campers are allowed some flexibility in assessing their own abilities and risk factors with the assistance and direction of our safety trained team. Campers may choose to be barefoot, climb small trees and jump from forts. All of this is within the parameters of risk assessment and camper consent. Consent is a very important piece in this type of play. Campers may only make choices that affect themselves and those wanting to play with them. For example, a camper may not throw a water balloon at an unsuspecting child who is doing their own activity but they may engage in water balloon battles with other campers who have chosen to play with them. We work with all the campers to guide them in making sure their actions are safe and respectful of themselves, each other and the space they are in. Campers who have a hard time making safe and respectful choices may be asked to stop attending.

Tell me more about safety procedures at Camp Wild Heart.

Everyone on the Camp Wild Heart team is fingerprinted/background cleared, CPR/First Aid certified, water safety trained and trained in safety procedures. Our team has many years of experience working with students in a variety of academic, enrichment and recreational settings and many are parents themselves. We spend the year providing classes and programs for homeschoolers and after school students and continue with a summer creating educational, fun, hands-on activities.

Is Camp Wild Heart at Thrive a school or childcare?

No, Camp Wild Heart is run by Thrive Enrichment Program which is not a school nor a childcare. Our business model is much like a karate or dance studio or theater lessons. Kids sign up for group classes and are dropped off for STEAM *Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math* activities. The same is true for summer day camp. We offer limited days and hours of STEAM activities and are not considered childcare.

What about refunds?

No refunds or roll over for unused days. All days must be used the summer they are purchased. The only acceptation would be major illness or injury or if you are truly unhappy with camp. In those cases we must be alerted promptly for a refund.

How can I make payments?

We accept payments via credit card through Square when you register and then through the ProCare app if you choose to add on days after initial registration. For summer camp ONLY (up until April 1st) we offer payment plans in installments of 2-3 payments depending on the date of registration and after putting 25% down on your camp package when signing up. However, all payments must be made in full 2 weeks before camp begins. The payment plan option must be paid through ProCare. If you do not wish to pay through ProCare, the entire balance will be due two weeks before camp starts if you select the 25% down option at registration.

For more details, please contact us at or call the office at 530-809-4638.

What is the Tax EIN?


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