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Camp Wild Heart runs from June 5th through August 17th!

Monday to Thursday

Camp is 9:30 to 4:30
must arrive by 10:30 am and be picked up no earlier than 3:30pm
(unless other arrangements have been made).

Days do NOT need to be consecutive.

Choose how many days you attend for Truly Flexible Scheduling

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A summer of freedom.png

Refund Policy:

Package days to be used during summer 2019. No refunds or transfers of unused days of camp except in the case of families being unhappy with their camp experience. Families must let us know of their dissatisfaction within 3 days of their child's last date of camp attendance to receive a prorated refund for their left over days of camp.

Virtual punch cards offer the ultimate in family flexible scheduling because we know summer plans change often​

No need to plan your whole summer down to the date. What about those times when you paid for camp and plans change or friends or family stop by or your child is needing some down time? No need to worry about lost money on camps they don't attend.
Choose the number of days you think you will attend and we will count only when they actually attend so you can keep your days for later in the summer.

Camp packages are per child and cannot be shared between siblings. 

Always Room: We don't oversell so once you register and buy a punch card you will never be turned away as long as you arrive by 10:30am on any day we are open.  

Our only warning: Your kids will LOVE camp so much they will begging you to buy more punch card days. Since we don't oversell once you've bought any size punch card you can usually purchase more days later in the summer. Camp days must be used the summer they are purchased- we are not able to roll over or hold unused days.


4 days: $240  Try it- It's Awesome! One Week of Camp

WARNING: Your kids will love this camp so much they will be begging for more days. This makes a great add on package. Attend any 4 days of camp- days do NOT need to be cons
ecutive or in the same week. 

8 days: $475  Camp Rocks
A great start- you can always add more days. Attend any 8 days of camp.

11 days: $650  Summer Awesomeness

A great package for those with busy summers looking to fill in a few dates or as an add-on for extra days of camp. Attend any 11 days of camp.

15 days: $875  Summer of Fun Package
Make this a summer of fun and join Camp Wild Heart for up to 15 days of camp. Mix and match any 15 days of camp.

22 days: $1,275  Mid Summer Camp's Dream
A GREAT deal and your child gets to attend about half the summer. Mix and match any 22 days of camp.

Full Summer Packages
---BEST DEALS--- less than $55
 per day
Plus FREE camp shirt and FREE Friday evening camps

 Full Chico Unified Summer
A great package for those with a standard Chico Unified summer schedule. Good for use all 10 weeks Chico Unified is out when we are open. Attend all 11 weeks of Chico Unified Summer. Can be used for up to 43 days (plus up to 3 Friday evening camps free) of camp within all 12 weeks we are open. Also great for those with a 12 week summer who think they will skip a few days of camp.

$2,500 Full Summer

Come and go all summer for the ultimate summer of fun and flexibility. Attend all days we are open, up to 46 days of camp (plus up to 3 Friday evening camps free).

Single Days: $61

This one-day option is an add-on that can be added to any of our camp packages. Good for any single day of camp.

***No refunds or rollover for unused days. All days must be used the summer they are purchased.***

**Camp Wild Heart is presented by Thrive. Thrive offers academic and enrichment programs and is NOT a school nor childcare.**

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