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Come experience the magic at Camp Wild Heart!

Being a staff member at Camp Wild Heart is not an easy job. Although there will be a lot of laughter, excitement, and fun, there will also be moments of difficulties and frustration. However, it has been our experience that the journey through a summer at Camp Wild Heart will likely be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you have ever had.

Why chose Camp Wild Heart?

2023 Positions

still OPEN



Enhance your leadership skills, help create meaningful camp memories for the campers and yourself, and experience the wonders of a self-directed summer.

Our leaders enjoy flexible schedules and opportunities for personal growth.

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We pride ourselves on hiring staff members that contribute to the success and quality of our camp. We offer hands-on, on-the-job training and plenty of opportunities for team-building experiences for you to learn from.

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Learn about the positions offered at Camp Wild Heart

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Under the assistance of the Camp Director, the Assistant Camp Director will assist with the development and implementation of all day camp activities and staff at Camp Wild Heart. The Assistant Camp Director will provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone; will be actively involved in day to day operations and have a positive attitude. This position requires flexibility and willingness to jump in wherever there is a need. As the Assistant Director you will assist the Camp Director with administrative camp duties, check campers in and out, jump into the ratio when needed, and collaborate with the Camp Director on weekly schedules.

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Activity leaders plan and lead fun, hands-on, STEAM based projects, activities and games  at camp. They are responsible for planning, preparing and implementing fun projects that get the campers excited and eager to learn. Projects are offered in an invitation style offering, giving campers the freedom to choose the project they are most excited about. Activity times range in length from 45 minutes-90 minutes. Activity leaders should be equipped with excellent time-management skills, have “back-pocket” activities that they can pull out at any time with no prep or supplies, and should present projects in a fun, hands-on way.

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Camp Instructors are the support system at our camp. They assist Activity leaders with projects and activities, supervise campers during free choice time, and jump in wherever they are needed. This is a proactive role, requiring initiative to follow the kids' lead and support them when needed with minimal director input. Camp instructors assess where they are needed the most, and flow with the campers throughout the day. This role does not require activity planning, but encourages sharing passions, games, and projects with campers.​​



Camp Wild Heart hires substitutes every summer to help fill in the gaps when leaders are out sick, or request vacation time. Substitutes should be flexible, and understand that they are on-call and won’t be on the schedule regularly. That means we won’t always know we need you until the day of the shift, for instance when someone calls out sick. We don’t expect you to be available 24/7, but this position is typically one that does not allow a lot of notice before we ask you to come in. This position has the potential to turn into a regularly scheduled position.

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